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One hockey tournament provides a player 4 games guaranteed. On average, this will equal 12 minutes of playing time per player, per game. Thus, 48 minutes of playing time for the weekend. The average player has the puck on his stick approximately 2 minutes 18 seconds per game. Is your player really receiving the best developmental value where a family may spend $2000 in total cost for a tournament and their child touches the puck 10.5 minutes that weekend? Imagine the development potential where a player has the puck on their stick 10 hours a week AND gets appropriate game experience. At the SKINNER HOCKEY Academy, the player will get this, athletic and academic development, for an approximate weekly cost of amount available upon request. The cost for 9.5 months will be amount available upon request.

1 year at SKINNER HOCKEY Academy is equal to 4 years of TIME with your local home team.

1 year at The SKINNER HOCKEY Academy is the equivalent to 6 years of instruction, and athletic development based on the teaching progressions, that the players would have received at their local home team.

It is a proven fact that players need 10,000 repetitions before they know a skill and 100,000 repetitions before they become an expert at a skill. Where are they going to get the repetitions…SKINNER HOCKEY Academy. Malcom Gladwell wrote in his book, OUTLIERS, that it takes 10,000 hours to become a professional or an Olympian. You can try to do it on your own or you can let SKINNER HOCKEY Academy do it for you.

There is a teaching principle called SKILL MASTERY. This concept is where an individual has to do many repetitions over and over in short amount of time to master a skill so that later it can be used at any time. If a player tried to learn a 10 ft backhand saucer pass once a week for the whole season, they would still not have perfected the technique by the end of the season. On the other hand, if a player was instructed to practice this everyday for a month, they would learn to MASTER the skill from every aspect, and they would be able to use this new skill at any time. Think of it like riding a bicycle. At first you had to practice over and over many times as a kid. In a months time, you learned balance and movement. After that you may have not ridden a bicycle for 10 years, but you could still go out today and ride right away because you MASTERED the skill a long time ago. We believe that the classic teaching of hockey has been ineffective because players are not taught to MASTER the elements that make up the whole.

At the SKINNER HOCKEY Academy, your child will receive the instruction, repetitions, and knowledge base, in the finest hockey developmental facilities, to maximize their development. AND, the program is actually taught by Sean Skinner.

"Hearing Something a thousand times 

is not as good as seeing it once."

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Ultimate Hockey Skating Instructional Series  

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Stickhandling Beyond Belief! 2nd Edition DVD or VHS
5 Volume DVD Set or 6 Volume VHS Set  



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Checking for Ice Hockey DVD or VHS                               

Checking for Ice Hockey videos

Checking For Ice Hockey - Complete DVD Set

Checking For Ice Hockey - Complete VHS Set



Breakaways, Penalty Shots & Shoot-outs DVD or VHS
Breakaways, Penalty Shots & Shoot-outs DVD or VHS Breakaways, Penalty Shots & Shoot-outs!
This video will teach players and coaches the scoring principles for Breakaways, Penalty-Shots & Shoot-out in a scientific progression. Click on the picture to learn more.




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