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CONSULTING vs Hockey School


Sean Skinner and SKINNER HOCKEY no longer conducts traditional hockey schools with open registrations.  Sean believes that the hockey school model is flawed and that there is a better way to teach players.  SKINNER HOCKEY provides consulting…we send one highly trained professional to teach training session sponsored by hockey teams, associations, clubs and/or international federations.  Here’s why:

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Traditional hockey school format is not effective for these reasons:

  • Hockey schools are filled with players from a wide age range.  For example, 8-12 year olds are on the ice together. 
  • Hockey schools are filled with players from a wide skill level.  For example, beginning recreational players with AAA players. 
  • Hockey schools do not involve the local team coach or clubs coaches.  The coaches of the players teams are not at the hockey camp so even if the hockey school was great and helped change the players skill level they would quickly lose those new skills if the drills are not repeated and since the coach is not their the drills will never get repeated.
  • Players don’t always work hard for a hockey school instructor because there are no consequences.  If the team or club coaches are involved then they know if they don’t work hard they will lose ice time.
  • Hockey schools are so expensive because of the cost to fly in and accommodate additional staff.  These costs of hotel and accommodations are not directly related to improving the player.
  • Ice rental cost more for the out of town renter.  This extra cost is paid by the participant and is another cost not directly related to improving the player.
  • Lost of money is wasted on advertising, soliciting individual registration.  Team registration reduced cost and time.
  • Cost of hockey school is usually $100 more than a Consulting session.
  • The local team or club gets nothing out of the hockey school.


Here at Skinner Hockey we believe in a better format…CONSULTING…where a team(s), hockey club or association hires SKINNER HOCKEY to run week long training sessions for their own players and coaches.  Here’s why:

  • Players are skating with their teammate of the same age.
  • Players are skating at the own level whether that is beginner, recreation, travel, compeditive or highly compeditive AAA.
  • The local coaches or team coaches are involved.  They come out on the ice and assist in teaching the players and there by learn how to teach stickhandling themselves.  The coaches hear the explanations and learn new drills.  Now when the players go back to their team practices they can repeat these new movement patterns.  Think about it even if a player goes to a good hockey school where they learn new skills, if those movement patterns are not repeated then they will loose the skills quickly.  By training the coaches at the same time we are training the players we are ensure the skill development will stick.
  • By involving the team or club coaches the players now have to work hard or they will lose playing time.
  • Ice rented by the local team or clubs is cheaper per hour than for an out of town renter.  No need for expensive advertising it is all done internally in the club or with the team.  Finally, no money is wasted on accommodations and airfare for secondary staff.  Here players are only paying for a top professional coach. 
  • Club or Team registration reduces the cost and time of advertising.
  • Cost is usually $100 less than your regular hockey school.
  • This session could be used as a fund raiser for the local team or club.

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Every player is going to go to hockey camp this summer.  Players go anywhere from 1 to 5 camps per summer.  Why not hire a top professional company with a worldwide reputation for excellent instruction to provide a week of stickhandling training for both the players and the coaches at a huge savings?


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  Skinner Consulting Hockey School
Age Specific - 12yrs wide range - 8-12
Level Specific - AAA wide range Beg-AAA
Local Coaches Trained not there
Practice intensity instiled not there
Drills Repeated After Yes No
Ice cost per hr cost less cost more
hotel cost cost less cost more
airfare cost less cost more
Total Cost Ave $200-300 Average $300-400
Instruction Level World renowned could be just ok
Fundraiser Available not there


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